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An 8th Grade Student Ride and Web Page

Happy New Year! It’s good to be back. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately. 8th graders will begin preparing for student led conferences coming up later this month. Be on the lookout for an invitation that will be coming home soon.


We have spent the last few class periods reflecting on the bowling investigation and graphing average bowling ball mass, kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energy. The Energy Test in on Wednesday 1/16. Students should review/study the energy learning targets Evocab – E6. The resource page for this can be found here: Energy Unit Student Study Guide

8th graders should also be researching the connections between physics and their favorite sport. They’ll use their research to help them prepare a presentation for the class.

The learning targets, assignments, and activities can be found here: Online Plan Book

Mr. Jorgensen’s Social Studies:

We have started to explore Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion. On Monday we will be reflecting on the first two learning targets listed below.

Learning Target(s):

  • I can explain how economic opportunities caused Americans to move west (miners, ranchers, cowhands).
  • I can understand the perspective of Native Americans of the Great Plains as they fought to maintain their way of life when settlers poured onto their lands.
  • I can compare and contrast the reality and myth of how different groups of people help develop the West (women/Native Americans/African Americans/Chinese).
  • I can list challenges of farming the Great Plains in the 1800s.

The learning targets, assignments, and activities can be found here: Online Plan Book

It’s a great day to be a Musky! Take Care.


Mr. J

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2014 Class Newsletter #1

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Hello Parents, Families, and Friends of our AV-W 8th Graders. Here’s what we’ve been up to during this first month of school.


8th Grade Science

We’ve been busy. The year started out with a review of measurement (SI units, volume, mass, density, length), a discussion of the scope of physical science, and a review of the scientific method while we investigated expanding Gummy Bears. We are currently in the process of writing our first lab report.  Students have also been researching STEM careers in order to create a Google Slides presentation for their classmates. We will also begin writing our first lab report during the coming week.


Please take some time to look at your student’s science notebook. Each day they are asked to write down the learning target(s), complete the warm up activity, and take notes during the lesson. In addition students are asked to participate in a weekly discussion using Haiku (ask your child about this). This week we will also incorporate the daily use of an exit ticket.  You can see the format of daily lessons by visiting the planbook.

We have also been working with Mr. Wauter’s Musky Time group to lay the foundation for our new recycling and composting initiative. Many of our 8th grade algebra students will also have the opportunity to accelerate their science education during Musky Time as well.  It’s wonderful to see such dedication and leadership in these scholars.

Social Studies

We recently kicked off our Civil War Expedition on Friday. This week we will be exploring the causes of the Civil War. So far we’ve introduced the topics of secession, slavery, states rights, the Underground Railroad, suffrage, and abolitionists. The 8th graders did a wonderful job during our post kick-off discussion on Friday.

It’s been a fantastic start to the school year. Thank you for connecting through Class Dojo. I hope the weekly reports are giving you a new insight into our classroom.

It’s a great day to be a Musky!

Mr. Jorgensen

September 9th AV-W School: What’s Happening In Room 319


Dream! (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)


Hello Everybody,

Things are off to a great start in room 319 – Mr. Jorgensen’s Room.  One thing is for certain, we have some amazing 7th and 8th graders here at our school.  It’s been great getting to know all of the students.  I am working hard to learn everyone’s name and their “big dreams”.  Here is what we’ve been up to lately.

7th Grade Science:

We set up our interactive notebooks and started learning about the history of life on earth.  We’re currently studying fossils, unicellular and multicellular organisms, the fossil record, and mass extinctions.  Each 7th grader should have an illustrated title page for their science notebook that creatively represents them.

8th Grade Science:

We also set up our interactive science notebooks and started the Introduction to Matter Unit.  We’ve been learning about matter, mass, and volume.  We’re also discussing lab safety as we prepare for our first investigation – The Gummy Bear Lab.  Each 8th grader should have an illustrated title page for their science notebook that creatively represents them.

Math 8A:

Our interactive math notebooks should be ready to go.  We’ve been reviewing the four steps of problem solving, the order of operations, and evaluating algebraic equations.  We’ve set a goal to work hard each period so that little or no homework is necessary. I’m also very excited to use the Khan Academy with our class to solidify skills and differentiate math instruction.

Please use the links below to stay up to date with what’s going on in the classroom.

Useful Links For All Parents:


It’a a great day to be a muskie!!!

Mr. Jorgensen


Arbor Vitae Woodruff School – What’s Happening In Mr. Jorgensen’s Classroom

Hello Brilliant Muskies (and everyone else).  This has been a great week.  The weather has been beautiful and I have been doing some serious painting.  In addition to that I have also completed another week of training to become a certified virtual education instructor.

The floors are done in our classroom and I am now excited to prepare it for 7th and 8th grade math and science classes.  I’ve been developing interactive lectures over the past few weeks as well as preparing to upgrade and improve both summative and formative assessments in my classroom.

Finally, I’ve also done some research on interactive notebooks and plan to incorporate them in all classes next year.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  It’s always a great day to be a Muskie!

Mr. Jorgensen


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