Clair’s Heavy Metal Tour Reflection

We did a lot on the Heavy Metal Tour and we went to a lot of different places. Places such as Nimsgern Steel, Northstar Steel, and Nicolet College in Rhinelander. At Nimsgern Steel we were shown a lot of things, such as what they make, how they make them and where they send them. At Northstar Steel we got a tour of their whole facility and it was really cool. We met some pretty cool people there and watched some people do their job which was very fun. Finally we went to Nicolet College in Rhinelander and went to their welding facility where they took Heavy Metal a little too seriously by dressing up as Heavy Metal rock stars. But then we got to go watch and do some welding. Then we had a dance off.

    During all of these activities I learned so much. At Nimsgern Steel I learned that with the plasma table they save about 10-15 minutes on cutting out things in the steel. I also learned that when they bend the steel they bend it with a machine that puts a lot pressure on the steel. At Northstar I learned the processes of making cabs for many different machines. They had to get the steel, put all of the correct pieces together, and then they would paint it and ship it. At Nicolet College I learned a little bit about welding, but not as much as others because I had already done it plenty of times at EAA.  Anyway, I learned that women are actually better at welding then men are because of so many things. I also learned that there are many different options for education for welding. That is what I learned on the Heavy Metal Tour field trip.
– Guest post by Clair (nice reflection)

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