Class Update 1/9


An 8th Grade Student Ride and Web Page

Happy New Year! It’s good to be back. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately. 8th graders will begin preparing for student led conferences coming up later this month. Be on the lookout for an invitation that will be coming home soon.


We have spent the last few class periods reflecting on the bowling investigation and graphing average bowling ball mass, kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energy. The Energy Test in on Wednesday 1/16. Students should review/study the energy learning targets Evocab – E6. The resource page for this can be found here: Energy Unit Student Study Guide

8th graders should also be researching the connections between physics and their favorite sport. They’ll use their research to help them prepare a presentation for the class.

The learning targets, assignments, and activities can be found here: Online Plan Book

Mr. Jorgensen’s Social Studies:

We have started to explore Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion. On Monday we will be reflecting on the first two learning targets listed below.

Learning Target(s):

  • I can explain how economic opportunities caused Americans to move west (miners, ranchers, cowhands).
  • I can understand the perspective of Native Americans of the Great Plains as they fought to maintain their way of life when settlers poured onto their lands.
  • I can compare and contrast the reality and myth of how different groups of people help develop the West (women/Native Americans/African Americans/Chinese).
  • I can list challenges of farming the Great Plains in the 1800s.

The learning targets, assignments, and activities can be found here: Online Plan Book

It’s a great day to be a Musky! Take Care.


Mr. J

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Class Update 12/12/2014

Hello everyone!  Here’s what we’ve been up to in room 319.



We recently wrapped up our Forces and Motion unit by sharing our amusement park ride models with other grade levels. The students put together webpages for their rides. Please visit the link below to see their work. I really enjoyed the creativity and problem solving they used in navigating their way through this project.


We are now at the beginning of our Energy unit. We’ve recently learned about potential and kinetic energy, and have practiced the calculations used to find them. This coming Friday we’ll be heading off to Island City Lanes to put our skills to the test. The students were given permission slips on Friday during a class meeting.

Social Studies:

Students just completed and shared their Civil War culmination work on Monday as well. This week our main learning target was, “I can explain how economic opportunities caused Americans to move west.” We spent time learning about Manifest Destiny as we started to dig deeper into the Westward Expansion unit.

If you want to take a look back at the week you can use this link: Plan Book

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Have a terrific weekend.
Mr. Jorgensen

Gummy Bear Lab Report by Erika

PROBLEM/PURPOSE:  What do you think will happen to gummy bear when you put it in water overnight?


If I put a gummy bear in water overnight it will consume some of the water and it will become bigger.


When I left the gummy bear in the canister over night with the water it increased in size. Also the gummy bear became more flimsy, and the redness of the bear became lighter. According to my graph everything increased in size, but the volume had increased also more than everything.


From this experiment the results had supported my hypothesis, which was that if the gummy bear stayed into the water overnight the gummy bear would absorb the water making the mass of the gummy bear much bigger. If we have left the gummy bear in the water for too long it could have fallen apart before getting the results, but when we left in it for only one day we prevented the likeness of that happening. This investigation was good because now I know how to to conduct an investigation, and gather research to see if your conclusion matches your hypothesis. One that I wonder that I wish that we would’ve done in class is that I could let another gummy bear sit in a different substance over night to see if it would absorb anything other then water.

Clair’s Heavy Metal Tour Reflection

We did a lot on the Heavy Metal Tour and we went to a lot of different places. Places such as Nimsgern Steel, Northstar Steel, and Nicolet College in Rhinelander. At Nimsgern Steel we were shown a lot of things, such as what they make, how they make them and where they send them. At Northstar Steel we got a tour of their whole facility and it was really cool. We met some pretty cool people there and watched some people do their job which was very fun. Finally we went to Nicolet College in Rhinelander and went to their welding facility where they took Heavy Metal a little too seriously by dressing up as Heavy Metal rock stars. But then we got to go watch and do some welding. Then we had a dance off.

    During all of these activities I learned so much. At Nimsgern Steel I learned that with the plasma table they save about 10-15 minutes on cutting out things in the steel. I also learned that when they bend the steel they bend it with a machine that puts a lot pressure on the steel. At Northstar I learned the processes of making cabs for many different machines. They had to get the steel, put all of the correct pieces together, and then they would paint it and ship it. At Nicolet College I learned a little bit about welding, but not as much as others because I had already done it plenty of times at EAA.  Anyway, I learned that women are actually better at welding then men are because of so many things. I also learned that there are many different options for education for welding. That is what I learned on the Heavy Metal Tour field trip.
– Guest post by Clair (nice reflection)

2014 Class Newsletter #2

Copy of AV-W Only

Hello Parents and Families,

Here’s what we’ve been up to in 8th grade science and Mr. Jorgensen’s Social Studies Class.


We been studying motion, speed, velocity, vectors, and acceleration for the past few weeks. This has included a few laps around the AV-W track (to find our speed) and the completion of the Acceleration and Slope Investigation. This week we will prepare for our first test that is focused on the following learning target:

 We will spend some time reviewing how to prepare for tests and discussing what the students should prepare for. This first test will be important as assessments count for 85% of their science grade. We’ve been talking about how our practice work and science notebook work help us learn the targets so we can show it on the assessments. If students have a tough time on the first test, they have a variety of ways they can improve their score.

I’m also excited for the Heavy Metal Tour field work coming up this Wednesday. I’m hoping the students will see connections between their STEM career research and the businesses we visit.

Social Studies:

Students have just completed their first assessment where they described, in detail, at least three causes of the Civil War. This week we will be focusing on the the political, geographical, and philosophical differences between the North and the South at the beginning of the American Civil War.

Later this month students will participate in one of the most exciting parts of the expedition, Civil War Day. They will be role playing the life of a Civil War soldier in an academic re-enactment. It’s an all around great day.

Take Care. It’s a Great Day to Be a Musky!

Mr. Jorgensen

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