How would you use one million dollars to change the world?

Students were asked this question and then they composed their answer together on the iPad Notes App.  Once they finished the entries were sent through the email and have ended up here.  What do you think?  What would you do if you had a million dollars to change the world?  Please comment below.

Scott and Brandon

If I had a million dollars… I would give $900,000 to Ducks Unlimited to help preserve all public wetlands. The duck habitat is slowly decreasing due to human population growth. People in the world think they need all this technology they don’t. The world was just about perfect before all the technology in the world there was not that much war. People would fend for themselves. People would hunt and fish to get food.

Andy and Brad

We would get a dirt bike and 4 wheeling track and a football team.

If Clara and Kate had 1 million dollars……..

We would use the money to personally go to every school in the nation. We would teach them each about the little things you can do each and every day to make the world a better place. From cleaning your room for your mom to helping the environment by cleaning. We would also use the money to create foundation for the kids with cancer and other diseases so they can learn as regular students. Clara and I would personally go as young students because we believe the power is in our hands and students just like them because it really does start with just one person doing something small to make a difference. This is exactly what we are trying to get to them. That they can make a difference even thought they don’t think they can. To keep the money coming we will also fundraise for our situation. Every time a kid does something good and this is anything even if they stand up to a bully they will write it down every time they get 10 good deeds they will raise 1 dollar slowly but surely we will get enough money and more to help others.

If we had a million dollars…Samantha and Emily, Sep 27

If we had a million dollars, we would donate $10,000 dollars nationwide for educational programs, such as Expeditionary Learning. $7,000 dollars at the least would go to GoodWill. Another $20,000 would go to building houses for the homeless, such as people effected my hurricanes and earthquakes. In Haiti specifically, $50,000 would go to building houses, schools, and providing a FREE and PUBLIC education to EVERYONE. $10,000 would go to providing clothes for countries all over the world who have less than us. Finally $3,000 would go to wig donations for Locks of Love. These specific donations were chosen because they effect OUR future or already have effected our past in ways that make us want to help.

By Jessica and Michaela

If we had a million dollars, we could send it all over the world to places like Haiti where people have no homes or food. We would help supply other countries with many of the things that the United States has. We could help homeless shelters expand their maximum capacities so that they can house more orphans and homeless families. This would make many people’s days a little brighter, and it would all be because of our 1 million dollars.

Riley and Buddy

I would donate 500000 to charities in the United States! I would also donate 250000 to Wisconsin public schools. The rest of the money I would give to the government, and they could decide on what to do with it. I would hope that my choices would increase the happiness in the world!

Brittany and Dan

If I had $1,000,000 I would spend $200,000 on trees for the rain forests, $100,000 for the needy, $400,000 to help find cures to cancer, diabetes, ect. I would spend the last $300,000 to help save endangered, abused and neglected animals. I would do this because it is the right thing to do and I was raised to believe that if you have a choice between the right thing and the easy thing go for the right thing to do, that is why I would spend $1,000,000 on things to help the world.

McKenzie and Megan

If we had $1,000,000 we would give some of it to needy countries, to schools around the U.S.A, and charities among the world to help different people. With $1,000,000 we could help a lot of people in different ways. We would love to help people in need.  We could gather up food items and send those items to hungry countries around the world. To get this food we could have a food drive or have people donate money so we can buy food to send.

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